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The Pitman family has been providing engineering services in north Florida for over 60 years. What started out as a respectable and stable career has turned into a multi-generational family tradition. Here at Pitman Engineering, we pride ourselves on the importance of passing on knowledge and skill to the next generation. See below for a brief history on where the it all started and help us pay homage to those who helped build the foundation for what made Pitman Engineering possible.



"Grandaddy", Jim"

James Henry Pitman Sr., affectionately known as "Grandaddy" or "Jim", was the pioneer engineer in the Pitman family. He was a model citizen who was a fierce believer in God, Family, and Country. These values were on display every single day of his life and his example of selflessness and dedication is something that his family and community will benefit from for generations to come.

Jim always did his part. From titles like Eagle Scout Master, volunteer life guard, award winning ballroom dancer, state champion (track), to his service in WW2 as a bomber pilot, Jim had a knack for hard work and success.

After the war, Jim attended Georgia Institute of Technology where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering. From there he went on to work for the FDOT for more than 30 years in the planning department.


"Dad", "Jimmie"

James Henry Pitman Jr. is a second generation Pitman engineer. Like father, like son they say, and in this case it was no different as Jimmie chose the same path as his father. He would go on to attend the University of Florida and receive his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering.

Jimmie is best known for his work for FDOT District 2 office in Lake City, FL. He spent 37 years with the department, many of which were spent as the District 2 Design Engineer. You'd be hard pressed to travel within the greater Jacksonville area without using a roadway that Jimmie did not have some hand in designing. Although Jimmie no longer works for the FDOT, his legacy can still be felt. Many of the young engineers who worked under his guidance now serve as department heads themselves.

Jimmie currently works for a neighboring engineering firm in Lake City, FL. There he has continued his transportation prowess, having served as EOR on countless roadway design projects in the north central Florida area.

Despite all his success, it's his most recent role that he seems to enjoy the most: "Grandaddy". When not at work, you can find him fishing with one of his 6 grandchildren, helping prepare the next generation of Pitman engineers.



Founder of Pitman Engineering

Brian is the most recent Pitman in the engineering line. Like his father, he graduated form the University of Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering.

His desire for variety and never ending challenge led him to work for north Florida consulting firms for most of his career. This path has allowed him to complete work for public and private entities in more than 20 cities and counties all throughout the state of Florida. 

In true Pitman fashion, Brian felt the need to do more. So he created Pitman Engineering with hopes that it would one day act as a source of help for those in his community and beyond. It was and remains his desire to provide resources through his company like training videos for young engineers, helpful links to community information, step-by-step manuals for the general public, and more.

Living up to the family name won't be easy, but it is a challenge he's willing to accept.

History of Pitman Engineers: Projects
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